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Compentent training for the following topics:

  • Polymers, Properties and Processing
  • Biopolymere: Is this the future?
  • Behaviour of plastic components (mechanically, thermally)
  • Wet cooling tower behavior and thermodynamics
  • Selection and maintenance of components for wet cooling towers


Independant assessment of

  • plastic processing and products
  • plastic components for cooling towers and other industrial applications


Do you have a technical question in the above-mentioned environment, where you need competent and neutral advice? With the background of sucessful implemantation of ISO 50001:2018 I also can help you with the energy reduction and monitoring of your plastic processing

Design and specification support

You want to plan a new wet cooling tower or technically check or overhaul an existing one? I can support you in this procedure.

I can support you with your plans on evaporative cooling, too.

Data analysis

I have a lot of experience in evaluating and amounts of big data and therefore can also help you with yours. I also can help with the documentation.

About me: Dr.-Ing. Nina Woicke rg in xing

I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of plastics science. A major focus for me is analysis and modelling of the mechanical properties of thermoplastics, in particular the relationship of time- and temperature- and stress-dependent behavior.

In addition, I have been a process engineer since 2002 with broad knowledge in the field of various thermal (wet cooling), physical (washer/stripper) and biological (wastewater treatment) processes.

I started my professional career in an ISO 17025 accredited examination institute, where I specialized in different methods of plastics testing and damage analysis. Quality-ensuring processes such as documentation of information and process-oriented work have been my firm companions ever since.

After my PhD, I changed into industry. Through my development work in a manufacturing company, I have gained very thorough knowledge of the extrusion of PP and PVC as well as injection moulding of PP. I led projects worldwide in the field of digitization in production and the use of biopolymers.

In process engineering, my main emphasis can be found in the field of wet cooling technology.

I have contributed to various committees (EUROVENT, VGB, CTI, VDMA) on topics such as legionella in cooling systems, the performance of droplet separators, the design and maintenance of cooling tower components and energy efficiency.




Since 2021:
Expert and consulting engineer for product development
ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH: Head of R&D and QM/QA
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH: Head of R&D
University Stuttgart: Institut for Plastic Testing and Polymer Science: Head of Polymer Engineering & Polymer Physics
University Stuttgart: Institut for Plastic Testing and Polymer Science: Researcher
University Stuttgart: Institut for Plastic Testing and Polymer Science: Research Assistant


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